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Sustainable home Redland     Cairns Regional Council


15 Davidson Close, Redlynch Valley (near Cairns)

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Project summary

Redlynch Valley Estate residential development was twelve years in the making.  The aim of this extensive development was to be sustainable and sensitive to all aspects of the environment. This philosophy followed through all scales of the development from urban planning to architecture. The stated focus was on quality not quantity and aimed to be a positive role model for future developments throughout the region. The Estate has won awards for its design for the environment consideration.

Sustainable Home Redlynch Valley was opened to the public for 5 months demonstrating principles of sustainable housing allowing people to inspect and appreciate these special design features first-hand. It is located approximately 15 minutes drive northwest of Cairns.

The 4-bedroom home has been designed to 'blend' into the estate which is surrounded by 700 acres of rainforest and three kilometres of riverfront. The design was aesthetically pleasing showing the public that sustainable housing looks the same as usual housing, it just functions better.

The walls have been built using lightweight construction which is a little different from the usual block construction which is used in the area but has distinct benefits for the local climate.

This home in particular has been designed to meet changing family needs and a range of people's needs.

2nd - 3rd home buyer

2 bathrooms

4 bedrooms

Local Council
Cairns Regional Council

Climate Zone
Tropical - Climate Zone 1

Redlynch Valley Estate

Key Facts

Project Manager
Rodger Pearce / Robert Wallace

Matthew Carley, Indetail Design


Macpark Pty Ltd

Major Sponsors

Commenced: 1 September 2007
Completed: 4 February 2008

Lot Size
Land: 778 m2

House Size
Living Space: 178.25 m2
Garage: 37.66 m2
Total Floor Area (GFA): 252m2
Covered Outdoor Area: 36m2

Construction Type

Key Objective

The house is a positive example of a sustainable dwelling. This demonstration home showed examples of technologies, on-site interaction and sustainable living within an affordable family home.  Those who visited the home gained an understanding of design principles, features of environmental sustainability, water efficiency and an appreciation of how easily these could be incorporated into a home. This home displayed the triple-bottom line of Social, Economic and Environmental sustainability. The house has 4 bedrooms plus media room/5th bedroom or home office with a double garage with storage, open plan living areas on a site which is level with the street.

The house took inspiration from the ability to showcase a home that didn’t look out of place in a residential development but just worked a whole lot better.

The project aimed to:

Sustainable Design features

Climate Analysis

Conditions -
High humidity with a definite dry season. The climate is tropical with hot humid summers and mild winters with the majority of the rainfall in summer. Southerly breezes in the morning. Northerly sea breezes in the afternoon. These breezes are in direct relation to the valley in which a site is positioned. The mountains either side of this site direct the breezes up and down the valley.

Strategies adopted -
Maximise external wall areas for cross ventilation. Site the house and rooms to maximize exposure to breezes. Shade the whole building where possible in summer. Shade the western walls and glass all year round. Use insulation. Use ventilation and ventilate roof spaces. Screen and shade the outdoor living spaces.

Sustainable Design Features
Site -

Building Design -


Internal Environment

External Environment

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Last updated April 2009

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Sustainable Home Redlynch Valley

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Sustainable Home Redlynch Valley

Sustainable Home Redlynch Valley

Sustainable Home Redlynch Valley

Sustainable Home Redlynch Valley

Sustainable Home Redlynch Valley

Sustainable Home Redlynch Valley

Sustainable Home Redlynch Valley

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