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The Sustainable Home St George is being constructed as the ranger’s residence and office as part of the northern hairy-nosed wombat reintroduction project managed by the Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM) with support from diversified global mining company, Xstrata.


Yarran Downs, north of St George

Climate Zone

Hot arid

Display period

Nil – due to the purpose of the project and the sensitive nature of the habitat. DERM will produce a ‘virtual tour’ of the house for clients to access through the website.

Project summary

The northern hairy-nosed wombat reintroduction project aims to establish a second colony of the critically endangered mammal away from the only existing colony near Clermont central Queensland.

The northern hairy-nosed wombat is the most endangered mammal living in Queensland.

A survey carried out by DERM officers in October 2007 estimates the population to be 138. An indirect measure of population is the number of burrows - there are now over 300 burrows.

The only population of northern hairy-nosed wombats is found at Epping Forest National Park (Scientific) in inland central Queensland gazetted in 1974.

A suitable habitat has been identified at Yarran Downs, a cattle property north of St George. A number of wombats have been be relocated to the new site and are being monitored by rangers in the hope that a second colony will be established.

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Key Facts

This is the first home in the Program to be built in the hot arid zone. It is also the first transportable home in the program.

The home is to be used as the rangers’ accommodation and office whilst they are on site monitoring the activities of the wombats.

The home is 3 bedrooms plus an office, with ensuite to the main bedroom and second bathroom.

Project Coordinator

Tim Holmes
Project Manager
Department of Environment and Resource Management


Peter Stevenson

Product Sponsors

Kevin Baker
Universal Tile Ventilators Pty Ltd


Lot size:

House size

Living Space:


Total floor area: 139.9 sq m

Covered outdoor area:

Last updated September 2009

Sustainable home St George (Yarran Downs)

Sustainable home St George (Yarran Downs)

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