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1320 Riverway Drive, Kelso

Project summary

Sustainable Home Thuringowa has evolved into a larger sustainability project for Thuringowa City Council, known as the 'Thuringowa Sustainable Village Project'.

The Thuringowa Sustainable Village Project has two parts - an industry focused engagement process (now complete) which is to be followed by the tendering of a 1.1 ha parcel of Council owned land for the construction of a small sustainability precinct in Kelso.

Stage 1 –Industry Focus Group Discussion Program
A key attribute of the first stage of the Thuringowa Sustainable Village Project has been the use of an extensive industry consultation process to both capture and grow the knowledge and abilities of a large number of representatives from across a diversity of sectors involved in urban development in North Queensland.

During the first half of 2007, over 55 focus group workshops were held all with the common objective of discussing and identifying practices that would accelerate sustainable urban development in the North Queensland region.

Benefits of the approach included the development of networks, ownership, responsibility and increased capacity amongst participants to support and deliver sustianable development in the region.

A key point of difference of the Thuringowa Sustainable Village Project is that the project has sought to identify and demonstrate affordable, commercially viable and market acceptable, sustainable urban development solutions that are suitable for the dry tropics region of North Queensland.

With the completion of the first stage of the project, the collective findings, ideas, and suggestions of the focus groups have been compiled into a resource that is available online and on CD from 5 November 2007: Breakthrough Ideas for Sustainable Urban Development in North Queensland.

Consisting of an industry checklist and supporting documentation, the resource advises key objectives, practicalities, tips and suggestions for planning, designing, building and marketing and supporting cost competitive, commercially viable, market friendly sustainable homes and urban development in the North Queensland region.

It is anticipated that the Breakthrough Ideas Resource will be used extensively by stakeholders involved in North Queensland’s urban development industry and will be a catalyst for the economically viable delivery and availability of homes and precincts that deliver triple bottom line sustainability benefits to North Queenslanders.

The Breakthrough Ideas Resource covers breakthrough ideas across the following areas:

Stage 2 - Tender for free market construction of a Sustainable Precinct at Kelso
The second stage of the project will invovle the advertising of a tender for the construction by a local consortium of a precinct at Kelso where the concepts, approaches and recommendations of the focus group program – as captured in the Breakthrough Ideas CD will be tested and demonstrated.

The ability for the Kelso site to be developed unsubsidised and to be shown to be commercially viable to all in the supply chain is anticipated to provide further impetus for the accelerated uptake of sustainability considerations and practices by the North Queensland housing and urban development industry.

Contact details
Thuringowa Sustainable Village Project
Planning Services
Thuringowa City Council
P: 07 4773 8411

Key facts

Climate zone
Tropical – Climate Zone 1

Project manager
Thuringowa City Council (Note: To be known as Townsville City Council following Council amalgamations in March 2008)

Related links
For further information on the Thuringowa Sustainable Village Project see the Project Website.

Last updated October 2007

Views of land for sustainable home Thuringowa
Views of land for sustainable home Thuringowa
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